Viexal S.A. Shipping Agency’s aim is to provide each client (Shipowners, Operators and Charterers) with high quality services, with a professional, comprehensive and efficient Agency Service.

Owners/operators entrust our company to manage their interest, we in turn strive to make each port of call a complete operational success at cost savings, and ensure having on house of knowledge operating conditions that vessels enter or exit a port quickly and efficiently.

Our full service coverage includes the following activities:

  • Local/National Authorities/Departments,
  • Pilots, towage companies, boatmen,
  • Terminals and stevedores,
  • Transport of stores and/or spare parts, technical, nautical assistance and consular requirements,
  • Assistance on salvage operations,
  • Delivery of lub oil in bulk and/or in drums,
  • Crew changes/Schengen visa,
  • Carry out requirements concerning claims handling, P&I maters, General Average and/or insurance and the appointment of Surveyors,
  • Arrange repairmen for welding.